Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rules to Obey

1. You're the slave, I'm the Master. You will never contradict, whatever I say. And you will comply with any of My wishes.
2. You will be quiet and won't annoy Me. I don't need anybody to steal My time and blabbers all the time. Every slave who bugs me will be dismissed.
3. I expect everybody to be a faker as long as they proved their intentions by paying. Till then, nobody can expect anything from me. And only because you've paid something (and, as always, too little), it doesn't mean that you can expect anything of me, either.
4. You will try to comply all my wishes and you will do all what's necessary therefore and more. You will struggle and do everything to surprise me, to please me and to give presents to me without a definit wish or order from me. But don't annoy me by offering me the wrong things or think to fob me off with tifles.
5. You will execute my orders always and completly and at the said time. You will do it in the way I order you to do. You will try to find and get new slaves for your Master.
6. You will regard and keep my rules. If you infringe them, I will dismiss you and you won't be able to serve Me any more. But if you keep the rules, you may sometimes get the possibility to see me in person.

Sock Prisoners

My socks own u and u faggots will be prisioners of my socks

I relax to let you work hard

WHILE YOUR LORD , BOSS AND ONLY GOD i`m relaxing and HAVE GREAT TIME ON THE BEACH.. U FAGGOTS GO TO WORK FOR ME AND MAKE MONEY AS THIS IS YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE.. and your place ! so go get to work and i want your money in my WALLET

I Rule

ATTENTION!!......Faggots and maggots your straight GOD KING is here to give you queers a purpose in life.

Your purpose is to provide and take care of the needs of your Master.

I'm a young, dominant, athletic and muscular leather MASTER, who deserves and demands worship by those queers and sub humans naturally inferior to me.

You will address ME as KING, GOD, MASTER or SIR...I AM your LORD!

I AM EVERY REAL MAN you fantasized about your whole life!!

I'm everything you've always wanted to be but couldnt!

KEY WORDS: control, domination, humiliation, worship, force, rough...


Worship my muscles & feet while I tell you what a pathetic fag you are.

Those pathetic queers and sub human slaves who are scum on the end of my boot, who realize my superiority over them and need to worship me, and who know how to honor to me.

All you small dicks and disgusting fat fags into ADMIRING an incredibly built, muscle ALPHA GOD !!

Straight Heaven: I fuck girls, bash fags

Most of you fags understand what being an ALPHA is. Fucking all the hot girls, when I want, where I want. Then to prove my Alpha male status scores of fags begging me to bash them for cash. I love beating up fags and getting cash is just fucking awesome. I travel all over Europe beating up deserving losers. USA also this Spring.

Online losers before you disturb ME, GET ON YOUR KNEES, OPEN YOUR WALLET AND BE $URE YOU ARE ABLE TO WOR$HIP ME AS I DE$ERVE! AGRESSIVE DOM TOP for pussy fags who need to be controlled,used and abused,humillated,blackmailed,mindFUCKed! Got it, faggot?

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